Intervista con Gary Numan

In un nuovo intervista su Beatmag, Gary Numan parla di John Foxx e dei sui Ultravox:

Besides Ultravox, who else did you think should have had more success?

GN: “Well, Ultravox was the main one.”

….if you want to look at the band which hasinfluenced me, then you’ve got to look at Ultravox. Ultravox has beenmy blueprint from the word go. As soon as I found them, that helpedshape everything that I was doing. I said that repeatedly. I did myfirst tour with Billy Currie on keyboards – my Ultravox connection wasjust fierce. I really loved them and I really wanted them to get backtogether again…

..I was also really close friends with Warren Cann [drummer with Ultravox] for years. Lovely guy.”

Someone you’ve been mentioning – John Foxx – has alsokept the career going successfully, although on a smaller scale thanyou.

GN: “I’m a big admirer of John Foxx. Ialways have been. I always thought it a massive shame that he didn’tbecome a big pop star.”

Yet he never wanted that.

GN: “Did he not?”

No. He walked away from Ultravox partly because he felt that were on the verge of fame.

GN: “That’s an admirable thing. I just wanted fame more than breathing.”

Il nuovo DVD di Gary Numan ‘Replicas live’ è ora disponibile su Townsend Records



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